Code of Conduct For Teacher

  1. For attendance
    a) Biometric attendance both for teaching and non teaching staff. The teaching staff is expected to arrive college by 7:50 AM. ATTENDANCE AFTER 8:00 AM will be considered as lab.
    b) To ensure punctuality among the staff institution had some code of conduct for late comers viz late coming for 3 days will be counted as one C.L. or leave without pay (in case no C.L. is left).Prior information for late coming will be considered as special case on the discretion of principal.
  2. For Academics programs: Orientation programs/ Refresher programs/ Conference/ Workshop/ Seminar/ Symposium or equivalent programs (as per the UGC guidelines):
    a) A teacher will be relieved for only one Orientation course during his/her service tenure.
    b) A teacher will be relieved for two refresher course or program equivalent to refresher course during his/her service tenure.
    c) A teacher will be relieved for only one program mentioned in a, and b, in one academic session.
    d) At a time only one teacher from each department will be permitted to attend the above mentioned programs.
    e) For attending state/ university/ national/ international level; symposium/ conference/ workshops as resource person or as participants or for paper presentation, permission will be given according to the needs of the institution. Only one teacher from one department will be allowed at one time for these Programs. The participant must give prior information with necessary documents (Invitation letter) at least 8 days before the programs so that, decision should be taken timely. Relaxation in this point is authorized to principal.
    f) After participation in any of the above mentioned programs, the participant is require to submit a self attested copy of certificate provided by the program organizers.
    g) The participant is also needed to circulating a program summary and any relevant information/techniques ther learnt during the program for the benefit of other staff of the institution within four working days after completion of program.
    h) It is mandatory for participant to complete the syllabus by own by any means.
  3. Duty leave:
    a) anction of duty leave for academic purpose such as, external examiner in practical exams, delivering guest lecture, University assigned duties, attending conference/seminars, workshop, will be completely authorized to principal and can be refused, if the staff is needed in the college.
    b) In one academic session maximum 04 day’s duty leave as practical examiner will be sanctioned to a teacher.
    c) A teacher is required to be physically present in the institution for the sanctioning of duty leave. He/she can go for the assigned job, after sanction of duty leave from the institution. Without sanction of duty leave by the college, he/she will be considered as absent and will be subjected to leave without pay. In special cases, sanction of duty leave will be completely authorized to principal.
    d) During university examination, Govt. examinations conducted by the college, internal examinations of the college or any other scheduled or unscheduled college programs, participation of every staff is mandatory. Saction of any type of leave during these period will be authorized to principal.
  4. General administration:
    a) In case of applying job in any oyher government/ autonomous/ or private organization, information to the employer with all the necessary documents and permission from employer is mandatory for regular teaching and non-teaching staff.
    b) Regular teaching and non-teaching staff is required to take permission of the employer for higher studies through proper channel.
    c) If any of the regular teaching and non teaching staff is resigning, he/she is required to inform the institution three months prior or deposit three month salary.In special cases, final decision will be authorized to employer.
  5. Salary disbursement:
    The institution distributes salary through Bank of Baroda. All the teaching and npn-teaching staff is required to open a salary account in BOB. The college will not pay salary to any staff by any other means.
  6. EPF Basic:-
    e) EPF Contribution of management will be given with respect to minimum EPF basic, as per government notification. ESI (Employee Social Insurance)
  7. ESI is applicable only to those staff who’s getting monthly salary less than equal to 21000/- per month.

  8. Code of Conduct For Student

    1. Do not spoil the environment of the college.
    2. Do not loiter in the corridor.
    3. Do not make noise while moving from one class to another.
    4. Do not use abusive words.
    5. Maintain proper line for fee payment.
    6. Do not write or tear pages from library books.
    7. Do not litter garbage anywhere, use dustbin.
    8. Switch off lights and fan when not in use.
    9. Use water from water cooler for drinking purposes only.
    10. Maintain order in class.
    11. Follow Notice board daily.
    12. Keep your vehicles properly in the cycle stand.
    13. Do take part in curriculum activities like sports, Quiz debate, literacy and cultural activities of the college.
    14. Help the weak student.
    15. Maintain Equality among fellow students.